Before This Woman Passed Away, Over Two Years Ago, She Left Behind One Wish!

David Schmitz’s wife Brenda died two years ago from ovarian cancer. She left behind a husband and four children who had to carry on without. Before she died she put a plan in motion to create a moving surprise for her husband when he had started to live again.

She gave a letter to her friend with a series of instructions in it. One of which was addressed to the local radio station, Star 102.5. This letter was to be given to the radio station when David had found a new love.

The radio station is renowned for granting Christmas wishes every year during the holiday season. When they heard about Brenda’s wish they knew they had to help. I couldn’t help but tear up when I heard this touching letter written by Brenda. The station and the local sponsors fulfilled all of Brenda’s wishes.

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