Being alone every Xmas despite having children and grandchildren, this hits home

Lonely senior man

Many of you might have heard about big brands such as John Lewis competing to get the crown of the most memorable commercial every year. However, one humble mattress company had recently caused a stir online with its commercial.

Senior man reading a book

The mattress company Nimbus recently came up with a superb festive advert released online and gained many followers. It tells a story about a lonely old man during the festive season.

His house was decorated with a Christmas tree, tinsel, and ornaments. The old man was sitting on a chair and kept staring at the pictures of his late wife. Soon, a young friend came by to meet him and gave him a beautiful dog.

Senior man with dog

This was when the man’s life started to change. He now had a friend and a companion. The advert showed them walking together, playing many games, and even watching soccer matches on TV together.

One day while the old man went to bed, he found that it was occupied by his new friend. So the old man decided to get a mattress for his pet so that both of them could have a good night’s sleep.

Senior man with dog

The old man looked happy and loved to smile. This advert showed the importance of companionship. Both the old man and the dog slept on their respective beds and lived a happy life.

In one of the interviews, the company Nimbus shared that the advert was to raise awareness and highlight the issue of loneliness amongst senior people. These senior people deal with separation, anxiety, and isolation, which can only be resolved by companionship.

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