I Couldn’t Believe What Happened Just Seconds After This Baby Ran Up To This Giant Dog…

If you’re like me, baby videos and dog videos make your day better. But when dogs and babies do something cute together, the resulting video can improve your whole week. Some kids are afraid of big dogs. I know I was as a little kid. But as you’ll soon see in this video, Garrett and his husky Phoenix are absolutely best friends. His parents can’t separate him from his dog.

The video clip begins with the baby and the dog going back and forth in seeming conversation. The baby jumps up and down and the dog barks in response. What a cute duo! Only a baby and a dog could have this much fun going back and forth in the living room. I love how Garrett squeals at Phoenix at the beginning of the clip. The dog is looking right at him and ready to jump right into the fun.

When Garrett goes quiet for a second, Phoenix responds with a perfect howl.

But at the 13-second mark, after Garrett has jumped up and down a few times, Phoenix cannot contain his excitement. He gets to his feet as he howls and jumps around himself. Garrett loves his dog’s response.

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