Bella The Labrador Absolutely Stole This Elephant’s Heart!

The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species — T.I.G.E.R.S. for short, is an organization that opens their doors to many of the most vulnerable animals, right now more than 100 species coexist and call this place home.  Located in southern California it hosts a high number of tigers, as you might expect as well as orangutans, zebras and other big felines.

Because of this eclectic mixture of wild ‘roommates’ there is an amazing variety of interspecies friendships that would never happen in nature, take this story for example: the friendship between a four-ton African elephant and closest friend — an ordinary Labrador retriever.

Their unlikely interaction was possible when trainers at the zoo decided to teach Bella the Labrador to swim in the elephant pool, and had the clever idea of teaching her how to dive into the water off of Bubbles the elephant’s back; Bubbles grew very attached to Bella in now time at all! Currently the only elephant living in T.I. G.E.R.S., Bubbles even hunches down in the water to make it easier for Bella to climb up and loves cuddling with her pal when they’re out of the water! She even pets Bella with her trunk!

Please wath this absolutely adorable dynamic duo enjoy their friendship! Share if their bond made you melt!

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