Benny The Stray Gets A Family! Watch His Amazing Gratitude, You’ll Definitely Be Moved!

It’s an extremely sad reality a vast majority of dogs that go to shelters are never adopted. In high kill shelters this translates into these poor doggies being sacrificed, their futures ended abruptly. It always pains me to hear about dogs being put down because the shelter can no longer offer support. This is what makes the following story so much more touching.

Meet Benny, an 8 month old pit bull that had been on death row at the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California. Due to resource constraints, this shelter has a high mortality rate, and it looked like Benny would be the latest victim. Weeks passed by and no one wanted to adopt poor Benny.

Fortunately on December 10th, a kind family that had decided to stop by the shelter on a whim saw Benny and couldn’t leave without him. As the shelter workers removed Benny from his cage, Benny was confused. In the video you will see this grateful pup’s amazingly earnest reaction.

However many dogs are not as lucky as Benny and they are euthanized every day. If you’re a dog lover and have the resources to take care of one, don’t buy — adopt and save a life.

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