Berlin The Beagle Feels Guilty Of Her Mistake! You Won’t Believe Her Reaction!

Pets know when they do something wrong, especially dogs, they have no way of lying to their owners!  Several owners have managed to record the both hilarious and moving because you can plainly see their thought process and that they are simultaneously trying to avoid punishment, like this adorable beagle!  Sit down and enjoy this endearing clip!

This dog owner came home and discovered that his bed sheets were completely torn up. Thinking carefully about whom the possible culprit is, the owner decided to film his investigation. He looks around for evidence as who might be the guilty party and notices that his dog, Berlin, has hid herself in a hilarious place. She doesn’t even do good job at hiding her shame.

At one hilarious moment the dog cautiously directs her eyes upward and her owner comments that “she’s praying that we blame someone else”. However it is very hard to get mad or punish a pooch that clearly feels terrible about her mistake. Daddy concludes with “we still love you”, clearly there is no other possible conclusion, Berlin is absolutely adorable and she obviously regrets her mistake!

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