Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town To Grow Old Together

If you’re tired of town and have a host of best friends that you can’t be parted from then, you only have one option – build a town. Well, that’s the conclusion that these four couples came to. Eight people built their own eco-friendly town so that they can be in each other’s company for their retirement.

With the help of Matt Garcia, a local architect, each couple invested $40,000 into constructing a cabin & amenities near the Llana River just outside of Austin, Texas. These affordable homes carry reflective walls and windows, great for heating and keeping cool. Rainwater catchment barrels irrigate the land. A massive communal kitchen is shared, and everything has an ultra-modern finish.

The houses that these four couples have built are nothing short of amazing. They have fantastic lighting, an unbeatable view from each window, and they’re conveniently equipped with the best appliances & equipment that you can imagine. When four families pool their resources, sharing communal rooms while maintaining a private cabin, elegance goes through the roof.