Best friends Otto and Abby were separated – but when they’re reunited, their reaction is adorable!

It’s not always easy looking after a dog. The can chew your slippers, raid the garbage, moult all over your new couch and poop on the rug. So, you can imagine that two dogs would be twice the challenge.

This can sometimes be a problem when dogs are desperate to stay together. They’re often separated at birth from their loved ones, as most people can’t feasibly look after an entire litter of the little darlings – as cute as they might very well be. There was something particularly special about the relationship between Otto and Abby – who became best friends as soon as they laid eyes on each other in their kennels. But as is often the case, the dogs are separated to go to different homes.

Otto was the lucky one who was adopted first, leaving his beloved Abby behind. It was a tale that the animal shelter volunteers know all too well. Abby was chosen around six months later, and that looked to be the end of their doggy love affair. But then the most extraordinary thing happened.

Abby’s new family decided she needed a partner in crime and contacted Rebecca and Alycia over at Animal Time TV – a popular YouTube channel, who were super keen to get involved. They, in turn, spoke to the original shelter that housed the pair of pooches, and incredibly, discovered that Otto was back! For better or worse, his previous adopters had returned him to the shelter – crucially at the exact same time when Abby’s human parents were looking for a buddy for her. You couldn’t make it up!

This was such an unbelievable story that Abby’s owners immediately agreed to a visit from Otto to see if the two besties would remember each other and get along. Rebecca and Alycia went to pick up Otto from the kennels – but first, he needed a good bath. He was about to meet his girlfriend again after all!

A little tension was in the air as Otto and Abby were reunited – it had been 6 months and as Rebecca comments in the video – there was no way of knowing what their reaction was going to be. Abby might have well felt that Otto had abandoned her and shunned his attention. Thankfully, after sounding each other out – all the memories came flooding back with an extraordinary display of K9 love and affection that will leave you with a teary eye! Check out the video below for the culmination of this wonderful tale of puppy love!