Best Hounds Throwing Many Cute Temper Tantrums… Too Precious!

It can be hard not getting your way. The frustration is overwhelming. It stems from a lack of understanding or ignorance. That’s not a bad thing, it just means that they weren’t given the opportunity to learn. Sometimes, we express our frustrations towards those who are telling us our way is not the right way or possibly not the way that it’s going to happen this time around. I know that there are many different instances of frustration and overwhelm that leads to temper tantrums. It’s not always just a break down that’s ultimately childish. It just comes from a place of overwhelming confusion of why the way they want to do it is not okay. It can be a demeaning process that seems to leave you feeling rather powerless when someone doesn’t let you have your way. Sometimes, it may be that you intend to harm people and don’t understand empathy quite yet. This would be an okay point to stop someone.

We have all been at that point in our lives. I know that I’ve been there myself many times. Yet, I feel as though when most humans, whether baby or adult seem to throw temper tantrums we really don’t look or sound all that cute. We usually turn bright red, all the blood rushes to our faces and the frustration outcry begins. I know for a fact that these bunch of dogs who have temper tantrums are some of the most adorable creatures I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

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