Best-man’s wardrobe malfunction causes infectious laughter in church that lasts for minutes

Weddings, we all love a good wedding don’t we? That most special of days where two people commit to each other for the rest of their lives, for better or for worse. I recall my wedding day. My wife and I had planned to have an outdoor wedding, it was the beginning of summer after all, but as we arrived at the venue the clouds parted and the heavens rained down upon us. Now it is said that if it rains on your wedding day that that is good luck, a sign of a strong marriage, well I guess they are right, because we got married in 1997, and we are still happily married today.

No matter what wedding you go to there is always a funny anecdote to be told afterwards. At our wedding our page boy and flower girl were our beautiful little children, our daughter had so much fun, but when it came time for our very first meal as a married couple, all she wanted was “Spring Rolls” which we caught on camera and still laugh about today. The innocents of children is a blessed thing.

I have seen many wedding videos on YouTube over the years. I remember one recently that I saw where the bridal party made the most amazing entrance into the church that I have ever seen. They all danced up the aisle one-by-one to a great piece of music. Their choreography was incredible and the whole congregation got into the mood and grooved long with them. Then there are the funny clips where the poor little page boy gets scared half-way up the aisle and decides that enough-is-enough and turns back around to go back where he started from. There was one very memorable clip where a flower girl is gingerly walking up to the bridal party. All of the crowd are encouraging her, then she spots the groom, her dad, and the smile on her face just lights up the whole church.

Now I will warn you, the clip below is going to have you in stiches, so I recommend that before you look at it, you had better grab the tissues now. It a very simple story. The best man is about to hand the rings over to the happy couple when he has a huge “wardrobe malfunction”. What could possibly have happened you are asking yourself? Well simple, his trouser fell down just at the wrong moment, exposing his boxer shorts to the world, or at last the congregation behind him. This then starts a snowball effect as everyone in the church starts to laugh, even the priest gets in on the action with a little comment about the Holy Spirit giving us laughter when we most need it.

Now……get ready……have a Kleenex handy……and click on the link below, this is going to make you day!