The Best Moments Of ‘Cats vs. Tortoises’… So Hilarious!

Sometimes, you find that you can’t force friendship. Even in a setting or environment of amazing acceptance, you’ll still feel the pushback that most people find themselves feeling when you are super jazzed about a brand-new friend to play with. The discovery or a friend much different than other friends can really set you into a sense of wonder. When it comes to meeting someone with a different build or set of ideas, it may be worthwhile to see what’s up with them. See where it leads, if nothing else at least you tried. Sometimes the people will surprise you and overwhelm you with a sense of awe and wonder, usually reserved for those in a childlike state.

Yet, sometimes the pushback can be phenomenal. Sometimes, it can be extremely hard to make friends with people. Even when you are trying your hardest, it appears some parts of you just aren’t met with friendly smiles. When you see how cats react to friendly tortoises trying to make friends with the felines, the overwhelmingly hilarious reactions put me on my butt. I couldn’t stop laughing, I had to exit out before I could regain composure. There aren’t many match ups that would surprise me as friends anymore, whether it be rhinoceros and hippo, whether it be cats and birds, but when you see how badly these tortoises want to be friends with cats, I’m sure you’ll laugh at the overwhelming response of “No,” from these furry felines.

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