Solo Mother & Teen Daughter Build Breathtaking Tiny House

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“Being a single parent is never easy, and it can often be quite overwhelming. Housing is always the main concern and is expensive no matter where you live, but if you live in the Sacramento, California area, it can be even more costly. Owning your own home in that area is a challenging thing to have, without going into tons of debt.

Ever since she was young, single mom Shalina dreamed of building her own house, but she never thought she could make it a reality in that area. That changed, though, when she heard about the “tiny house” movement and decided it would be a right choice for her and her teenage daughter Katie.

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Thankfully, her father owns an acre of property that they were able to use while building their tiny home. Shalina was able to use her father’s tools and space to build her dream home comfortably. She salvaged or repurposed a lot of the materials to keep the cost of building materials affordable.

The project took Shalina two years to complete, but it was time well-spent. Because she was able to keep the cost of buildings materials so low and do the labor herself, she built their own home for a shockingly low price. Shalina is now a homeowner and is free of the endless cycle of the rent trap in the Bay area.

From the outside, the tiny home looks pretty average, with attractive two-tone siding, a deck, and a shed. Even though the home is only 350 square feet, Shalina has painstakingly thought through every square inch of the house to maximize its space and comfort.

One of the most essential things to Shalina was storage space. At first glance, the kitchen ceiling looks like an ordinary paneled-type ceiling, but they are actually drop-down storage bins.

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Living with a teenage daughter can be a bit challenging, especially when they want a space of their own to have friends over, but fortunately, this tiny house plan delivers. Both of the women have their own loft-style bedroom, complete with traditional door for privacy.

Shalina proudly takes you on a tour of her little home in the video. It is full of light and has an air of luxury you would never find in an affordable rental in that area. Not only can this single mom and her daughter have their own home, but they can also do it free of debt. That makes just one less thing to worry about for this hard-working single mom.

She built one amazing, multi tasking, functional, and stylish home. Such a smart architect. They need to give this mother-daughter team an award for putting so much creativity and style into their tiny house plan because it’s got it all: High ceilings. Privacy. A vanity for her daughter. Huge soaking tub, and all amenities of a luxury apartment. Nice work. I am so impressed!”

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Solo Mother & Teen Daughter Build Breathtaking Tiny House