The Best Way To Celebrate Your Pet Pooch? With a Puppy-Friendly Cake, Of Course!

We love our pets so much, but we rarely celebrate their birthdays or special occasions. Have you noticed we make such a big deal about certain dates or anniversaries of our loved ones but tend to forget our four legged friends who think the world of us?

Well, it’s time we gave some of the attention back!

Any dog seems always hungry. Am I right? The way they eye every morsel that goes into your mouth will make them seem like they’ve been starving for years! When it comes to birthdays, I know most of us would love to share the cake with them, but since the ingredients are not pet friendly, we don’t offer them any, only to see sad eyes looking hungrily on.

This amazing video released by Pop Sugar and featuring Brandi Millar shares a 100% dog friendly cake! I wish I had this recipe years ago! The ingredients are all 100% natural (and this is one thing they really stress son to avoid getting any unwanted chemicals into the cake which could put our fur babies at risk).

Watch the video to get the step by step process for making the pup friendly cake. It looks so good and it’s healthy too! Yummmmmmmy!

Did you watch the video? Have you tried out that recipe? Let us know if you’ve tried it out and how your pet pooches loved it in the section below.

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