Better not shout? An adorable toddler rants about Santa Claus

One of the internet’s newest super-stars is three year-old girl named Mila Stauffer. She’s adorable but definitely has an edge. This is a sassy toddler who likes to sigh and roll her eyes while complaining about drama in her own life or giving her opinions about life in general. She’s posted rants about airport security, play dates gone bad, Disney World, preschool, skin care, and even golf!

This all began when Mila and her twin sister Emma were talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Their big sister Kaitlin is a teenager, so of course she had her phone with her and when she happened upon this scene, she filmed it. Their mom posted the video on-line and it went on to attract millions of views. Emma actually doesn’t like making videos, but for Mila, it’s second-nature.

Most toddlers are firm believers in Santa Claus, certain that it’s the Jolly Old Elf himself who, with the help of flying reindeer, visits on Christmas eve to leave presents under the tree. For parents, it’s harmless fun. Sure, the kids will eventually discover the awful truth, but in the meantime, everyone can enjoy some fun Christmastime traditions. For small children, making sure to leave out milk and cookies for Santa plus some carrots for the reindeer really adds an element of magic to the holiday.

Mila recently posted a video about Santa Claus. Make no mistake, she still believes in him, but some doubts are beginning to creep into her mind. Real though she believes Santa to be, she suspects that her parents are using him to manipulate her “It’s not my first rodeo.” And as for “better not shout, better not cry,” Mila is convinced that’s holding children to an impossibly high standard. To see her entire rant, check out the video that’s posted below.

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