You better watch out for this problem before stressing out your cat too much!

When people have animals living with them in their home, those pets generally develop their own way of letting their human friends know when they’re having a bad time. Cats seem to be especially good at this, for obvious reasons. But even they have trouble when facing this issue that pet owners worldwide completely ignore! You might feel offended when a cat rejects or walks away from your petting, but it’s important to understand that this need for space is completely real. Cats can get really stressed out if they get over stimulated from excessive petting, and when they’re on their alert mode, this can only amplify.

YouTube vlogger and internet sensation, Jackson Galaxy, makes instructional cat videos on his channel, and he uploaded this guide to recognize when a cat is receiving too much unneeded stimulus from petting. He makes very informative videos teaching us about cat truths and myths, and this particular clip talks about how cats show that they don’t want to be touched. To avoid this kind of situations, simply putting your finger or hand in front of the cat’s face, and basically letting him pet you, is the best way to go.

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