Betty White zingers to fill your day with smiles

These comebacks are so savage! Betty White really knocks it out of the park, but we didn’t expect anything else from this Golden Girls alumni.

Betty White may be approaching triple digits, but she’s still got every bit of her god-given comedic talent. Hot in Cleveland was a great show to show off her acting chops.

Hot in Cleveland is highly reminiscent of The Golden Girls, the show that rocketed Betty White to a household name in the 1980s. We appreciate how very much Hot in Cleveland tries to be like the sitcom that obviously influenced it.

And it has Betty White, which automatically makes it amazing. Here, she plays the cantankerous caretaker of a property the three younger girls are renting. Her comebacks are worthy of Dorothy or Sophia, and she delivers just as well.

It’s great to see Betty White fall so easily into this role, and there are even subtle nods to The Golden Girls sprinkled throughout, but only true fans will be able to spot them.

This show was over far too soon, but there are still plenty of amazing compilations to watch for all the best parts. Usually, those parts revolved around Betty White’s character, Elka.

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