‘Bewitched’ – celebrating a beloved 1960s classic

On this date, September 17, 1964, the fantastic TV sitcom ‘Bewitched’ debuted on American television with its first episode. The show starred Elizabeth Montgomery as ‘Samantha Stephens,’ who was a witch married to a mortal man. Do you remember any troublemaking spells that Samantha cast?

There are some amazing facts about the show that even the most faithful fans may not realize. After the 1st season, the show was number 1 on ABC and the number 2 show on all of television.

Agnes Moorehead played ‘Endora,’ Samantha’s magical mother. Moorehead ran into Montgomery at Bloomingdale’s in a chance encounter, and Montgomery asked her if she ever considered doing TV. Then, she pitched Moorehead the show.

Rehearsals for the pilot episode began on November 22, 1963, the day of JFK’s assassination. Montgomery and her husband, William Asher, the show’s producer, and director, had a difficult first day because they were friends with the president.

Moorehead didn’t like the ‘Darrin’ switch. When Dick York’s back issues kept him from returning for season 6, Dick Sargent replaced him. On Sargent’s first day, Moorehead said in front of the cast, ‘I don’t like change.’

Montgomery tried to quit the sitcom after season 5, but she was offered so much money she couldn’t refuse. By season 8, she reportedly owned 20 percent of the show.

These interesting facts add to the legend of ‘Bewitched.’ A successful show that spanned 8 seasons. Rumored reboots have yet to happen, but the original show is worth watching over and over again.

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‘Bewitched’ – celebrating a beloved 1960s classic