BGT contestants push their limits in mindblowing routines

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is always filled with awe-inspiring performances and stunts. Over the years, the show has grown in popularity, even in America. This clip features the top 3 jaw-dropping moments that left the judges amazed!

The craziness starts with Matt McCreary, a ‘Free Running Coach.’ He runs out on stage and then right off of it. The judges look confused. He appears suddenly from the theater balcony, and the audience applauds. He attempts a front flip off the balcony, but he doesn’t stick the landing.

For a moment, the judges and audience are deeply worried. It looked like it was over for Matt, but he springs back to his feet, assuring Simon Cowell that he was alright.

Next up is Sascha Williams, who stands in front of a small, but a high platform. Sascha puts a balance board on top of the small cylinder and jumps on it, wobbling wildly with his arms out to control himself. Judges are having a hard time watching out of concern for him. He jumps rope and even does a handstand on a ladder to everyone’s amazement.

As his final stunt, Sascha piles round cylinders in opposite directions along with other dangerous objects to make a precarious tower of terror. He places the board on top and stands on it successfully.

Simon Cowell is so blown away he stands up! It looks like Sascha wobbles and falls horrifically, but he lands safely on the platform and backflips off to rousing applause.

Finally, Tamba, the magician, blows up a balloon like the ones used for making balloon animals and swallows all 3 feet of its length. He freaks out the audience and judges as he begins eating razor blades! Next is paper, followed by more razor blades and a green drink. The last item is a string which he uses to magically pull everything back out one by one, including the unpopped balloon. No one can believe their eyes in the theater proving why these clips are genuinely the most jaw-dropping moments on ‘BGT.’

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BGT contestants push their limits in mindblowing routines