Bicyclist Comes Across Abandoned Pooch While On Ride. His Solution Is SO ADORABLE.

It must be jarring to suddenly come across an animal on a street. My wife and I were once going for a walk on a suburban street and a cat came charging at us… begging us to pet him. It’s such a pleasant change of pace in a day. He would come see us every now and then, but then he must have found a willing home. But what would you do if you came across an animal on an otherwise abandoned stretch of road… and he was as friendly as can be?

We see a bicyclist on a long stretch of road. This is the sort of biker that dresses up as if he’s training for the Tour De France, not a motorcyclist. He’s got the training shorts on and biking shoes. This is a dedicated biker. The dog is an equally devoted animal… to convincing the bicyclist to take him home. The fact that he’s a smaller dog certainly helps… I don’t think he’s taking a Mastiff home with him….

Many of these videos show the dog as looking forlorn and sad. Not so here. This ADORABLE little pooch is like “Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me! Love me! I’m going to lick your leg again!” Such a great spirit from someone who got abandoned. Maybe it was really early on after he was left and despair hadn’t had time to set in. In any case… into the bicyclist’s shirt he went!

Usually I don’t like doing videos that show abandoned animals, but this is one healthy dog and he is NOT shy about wanting attention and love. I don’t blame this biker for sticking him in his shirt. I’d do the same thing! “Uh. Honey. I know we aren’t allowed to have dogs here, but… LOOK! Can we put cat ears on him if anyone comes over?” I’m glad that the dog was found in good health and got a forever home from the neighbor.

Have you ever rescued a dog or cat that you found on the street? We love stories like this. Tell us in the comments!