Bicyclist Scales 100-Plus-Foot Tree To Save Two Kittens. I Nearly Passed Out Just TYPING That Headline.

First of all, I’m going to have to warn you: If you don’t like heights – I’m talking about even looking out your first-floor window giving you the heebie-jeebies, then I’m going to suggest just reading my description of what happens here. It wouldn’t be fair to have you open the video and then sit there, a puddle of sweat and nerves. The guy that we see here climbs REALLY high up to rescue some kittens.

OK, that warning dispensed, let’s talk about what we see. A bicyclist rides up to a tree, having spotted two kittens stuck in a very tall tree. How tall? Over 100 feet. OK. See why I did that little warning at the beginning? The video is from the rescuer’s perspective, so we see what he sees… and he looks down sometimes. Yeah. That’s what nearly set me off too. But he declared in the YouTube video description that he’s not afraid of heights. So he sets off to save these kitties.

The first thing that he does is lean the bike against the tree, with the wheels out. He uses that as a ladder. This isn’t a free-climb either, he has climbing equipment with him which assuages my fear somewhat. He encounters the first kitty pretty quickly and is able to get it in a bag that he’s carrying relatively easily, though there is a bit of a struggle. After that’s accomplished, he lowers the bag and after his friend takes the kitten out, he tosses it back up to the rescuer.

That leaves the second kitten… and this one is much tougher. The kitten keeps going higher and higher… and the rescuer keeps following him. Finally, he catches the kitty, and this one is full of more fire. I want to reach in and calm the kitty, saying that he’s being rescued. Finally, he gets that bag full and lowers it. Then he has to get himself to the ground, which he makes look quite easy. Finally, he goes to a park bench and has the kittens put in his lap. That’s the only way it could have ended for me…

Wasn’t this amazing? I honestly could only even think about doing something like that if my family was in danger. How about you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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