Bicyclist Sees Kittens Trapped In Tall Tree. I’m STILL Sweating From What He Did.

There are times that animals get themselves into very precarious situations. We’re talking more than just getting stuck on top of a tall bookshelves. No, we’re talking in drains, ledges, trees… OK. Let’s talk about animals stuck in trees. We see that scenario in a video where a guy notices two kittens have climbed a tree in a park. That’s not so bad, but the tree is over 100 feet tall. Oops. No problem. He’s going to save them.

The first thing that makes me nervous was when he takes his bike to the tree and leans it against it, with both tires in the air. He uses that as a makeshift ladder, and has climbing rope with him, with clips that he attaches to thick branches to hold him should he fall. He makes his way up the tree, gets the first kitten, puts it in a bag (I’m like “Stop clawing him! He’s saving you!” lowers the bag on a rope, gets the bag tossed back, climbs higher and repeats the rescue before climbing down.

Has anyone seen that video where the guy wears a camera and climbs up a radio tower that’s like over a thousand feet tall? OK, this isn’t quite that palm-sweat-inducing and it was clear this guy knew what he was doing with his climbing equipment, but it was still nerve-wracking to watch. The best part is when he casually leaps to the ground from about 10 feet up, rolls over and walks to a park bench, where people put the kittens in his lap.

This guy is just someone who knew he had to do the right thing to save these cats and had the equipment to do it. I’ll be the first to admit that I would be looking up at those cats and then reaching for my cell phone to call the fire department or an animal rescue center. The tallest thing I’ve climbed is a 20-foot tall rock-climbing wall. Yeah. So, I tip my cap to this fellow and I’ll let him handle any more situations like this.

Would any of you have thought about doing this? If so, kudos to you. Have you done anything like this? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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