Bidding adieu to man’s best friend with a beautiful tune.

Maple, the Golden Retriever dog listening guitar

Trench, a multi-instrumentalist and a finger-style guitarist, was close and emotionally attached to his pet. But, of course, this is a very natural emotion for any animal parent. Trench recently lost his most precious and beautiful pet, Maple, and bids her farewell by playing a tune on his guitar, especially for her.

Maple lived with Trench for 12 years, and both of them enjoyed the best moments together, doing all the things any best friend would do. She was a rescue dog, and when Trench met her for the first time, she had tackled and leaped into his arms. Then, she would wag her tail and would have a smiling face when she saw him.

It was love at first sight for both of them. Trench took Maple on several adventures, and she always supported him during his most difficult times. The best thing was she loved to listen to music. Maple loved the music played on the guitar as it would soothe and comfort her.

Maple, the Golden Retriever dog listening guitar

She was scared of fireworks and thunderstorms and would become very anxious, so Trench would always play with her. However, she would calm down after he would play with her.

Maple loved to listen to Trench playing the guitar and would fall asleep after listening to the tune. She would lie in his lap and listen to the beautiful music. The music comforted her a lot.

The moments they shared together are memorable and bring joy whenever Trench remembers them. Maple will always be an essential part of Trench’s life. Unfortunately, Maple passed away on the 17th of June peacefully. He dedicates a tune to her known as “What a Wonderful World.”

She was in the arms of her most favorite person while she passed away. This is a tough time for Trench; however, he is happy to find that many of his online followers have expressed their sadness on the news of Maple’s demise and are with him in this difficult time.

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