Big Bear Lake Sailor Surprises Mom With Best App Ever

Denny’s Restaurant in Big Bear was the venue that played host to a very special homecoming surprise. A sailor returning home had his family completely baffled. Mom thinks that she is looking at a really cool app similar to PhotoShop that superimposes her sailor son into the photo.

Photo after photo, this loving mother is fooled, enthralled by the unbelievable results of her app. What could be better than having your long-gone son who is thousands of miles away placed right into your special moment? Well, that’s what she was thinking right up until the moment that her little boy, and fully grown sailor, leaned over her showing himself right there in the close of 2019 rather than the start.

It took a granddaughter, a serving sailor son, an uncle, and a friend to pull off this homecoming surprise. Mom and grandma are fooled into thinking that the sailor in the photo is actually superimposed when in actual fact, each photo is live – what a great surprise.