Big Brother Teaches Kitty Important Life Lessons, And It Had Me Laughing

As every veteran pet owner probably knows, introducing a new pet of any species to a complete animal family can raise tensions and create some hectic moments. When it comes to cats, it can be especially tricky because like dogs, they are very territorial, but not as friendly as dogs. In the video below, an innocent looking kitty is meeting his new family of animal friends, and since he’s still in his period of adjustment, certain precautions were taken. But it appears those cautionary measures weren’t necessary after all, as the kitty’s new older brother even gives some advice to the new baby.

This adorable video was made as a promotional advertisement for Friskies cat food, and it is proof that ads can be entertaining and hilarious. As we know, cats can be a bit overly dramatic, especially when they get to a certain age, and the words this cat has for his new baby sibling are as wise as they are hilarious. Wouldn’t it be great if introducing a cat to his new animal family were really this easy in real life? Maybe we can get some hints from this advertisement to keep in mind the next time we try.

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