Big Dog And Tiny Kitten Play For The First Time Ever! Aww!

There’s really nothing sweeter than two totally different creatures falling into one unlikely friendship. In this video, we meet a giant dog who seems more suited for canines his own size rather than a tiny baby kitten… but as they say, opposites attract. When Dad posted this online, Navarro was about 80 pounds and Iben was just over one pound, so he was a little worried about them learning to play together. However, he quickly discovered that a hilarious and adorable friendship was in the making.

After seeing how kind and gentle Navarro plays with Iben — despite the fact Iben loves nothing more than to bat at his friend’s fluffy tail and egg him on like little brothers tend to do — it’s clear these two have many memories ahead of them. This first encounter between Iben and his new big brother put a huge smile on my face, as it quickly becomes an epic battle between kitten vs. wagging tail. Who do you think wins?

I think the winner is clear, but I’ll let you be the judge. This is one patient big brother.

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