Big Dog Wants To Play With His Tiny Human Friends… Watch What The Baby On The Left Does!

As we’ve seen many times before, there’s no one better suited for taking care of children than our best four-legged friends. The video below is quite a strong case for it! On it, you will meet a big and jolly Labrador Poodle mix breed who desperately needs to play a game with a couple of six month old babies. Even if they can’t even throw the ball yet, his excitement is more than obvious! As if the video itself wasn’t funny enough, the uploader added music and captions to give it a hilarious little touch!

In the clip, we see the playful dog give them the ball as he has learned to do with his older human friends. He keeps insisting on it, expecting the ball to be thrown so he can retrieve it, but the babies simply can’t comply. He tries with both of them, but to no avail! There’s just something very unique about dogs who play with small humans; for one, they treat them like their older human friends, but also with genuine care and respect for their size.

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