This Big Red Bird Fell Into A Tigers’ Lair… Watch What Happens When They Chase Him. SHOCKING!

In normal conditions, few animals could fight a tiger face to face and live to tell the tale. They are some of the largest and strongest predators ever. They’re able to take down animals of all shapes and sizes with very little effort, and almost always on their own, without the need for any partners or fighting companions. That’s what makes the video below so shocking! A red-crowned crane faced off against two tigers and survived!

If you’re an animal video enthusiast like me, you’ve probably seen videos of tigers befriending smaller animals somewhere around the internet sometime. While it’s perfectly possible and not too rare, one must not mistake a particular tiger’s act of kindness as a demonstration that speaks for the species as a whole. These animals are very strong and fierce, and their behavior is unpredictable.

Luckily for the bird in the video, tigers are very careful when it comes to new animals, and they won’t just throw themselves at a new prey just because it called their attention. The crane was able to intimidate them and entrance them momentarily using his beautiful wings, and also manages to outrun them seconds later. Eventually, the zookeepers come to his aid, and he is saved.

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