This Biker Gets Face To Face With a Mountain Lion! How It Ends? WOW!

As most experienced campers, hikers, and mountain bikers know wildlife needs to be respected; especially when the animal can kill you.

Bears and wolves are not the only predators in America that you need to watch out for. Mountain lions roam out country’s landscape too.

When this biker suddenly saw something moving in the grass, he turned his on video camera and started to back away. But he just couldn’t shake the big cat from his trail.

“I am much bigger than you!” veteran mountain biker Chris says as he backs away from the mountain lion.

While on a mountain biking adventure in Fernie, British Columbia, he noticed a scary presence just off the trail.

A mountain lion was stalking the biker in the tall grass.

At the beginning of the clip, it may be hard to notice the perfectly camouflaged cat in the bushes.

But Chris has become aware of the big cat’s location and remains calm.

As the California Department of Fish and Game advises, if you ever come close to a mountain lion – do not run. Running might make the big cat want to chase you. Instead, stand your ground and face the deadly predator.

Watch the 5-minute video now to see the mountain lion walks closer and closer to the experienced mountain biker. Chris handled himself perfectly.

Could you have stayed this clam with a mountain lion stalking you? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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