Biker Saves Dog From Being Beaten Up And Adopts Him. Hear Their Awesome Song!

We all know that dogs are some of the most amazing friends that anyone could aspire to have, but sadly they’re not always corresponded in the way that they should be. There are very cruel people who feel no shame or remorse in abusing defenseless creatures, and we have to do anything we can to stop them. These terrible acts of violence go unreported most of the time, but thankfully there are times were people nearby are kind enough to step in and face the situation head on, all to try and help the animals that do not deserve the mistreatment.

The following video is a special music video that Brandon Turnbow made just for his dog friend, Mr. Davidson. He narrated that when he was riding his bike on a freeway, he saw someone on the side of the road attacking a dog and leaving it to its fate. He felt for the animal, and decided to take him to safety and keep him as a pet and a friend. He even went as far as writing a special song just for him, and it’s a truly beautiful act of friendship that you should not miss!

Watch it for yourself in the clip right below!

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