Biker Takes Dog Along On Ride In Sidecar! LOL!

If you are a dog owner than you know that over time you tend to treat your pup more like your child or your best friend. Your main priority is to keep them happy and loved, and you’ll basically go to any length to ensure those things.

Whether you are giving them a little bite of your pizza and ice cream, or hunting down dog-friendly restaurants and businesses so that they can come along with you when you go out, including them in all you do just makes things that much more fun.

But if you don’t have a car to put your pup in and you need to travel further than walking distance, what is there to do?

Well, if you have a dog that happens to be the same size as Didga the cat, you can throw them on your shoulder or in your bicycle basket and head out! But bigger dogs require bigger rides, ones where you can double up with your pup like one dirt biker and his boxer do.

The dog in this video happens to be so special that he gets his very own ride, in the form of a super stylish sidecar attached to his owner’s motorcycle.

I love this video and dog so much, I think I want to go out and get a motorcycle now too!

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