Bikke The Chipmunk Wakes Up One Morning. I Love His Whole Morning Ritual To Get Going.

We all have our morning rituals. Me… I groggily stare at my phone alarm as if it’s an alien for a few seconds before turning it off and padding to the bathroom before waking my wife up. My cats are getting ready to hunker down for the day at that point. Some people like to jump out of bed and quickly do 20 push-ups or some other activity. Those kind of people are called ‘insane’. Then there’s this video of a little rodent who has his own way of waking up.

We see a chipmunk named Bikke on a bed. Bikke has his own YouTube channel that he shares with his brother Tod. This video is all Bikke, though. He’s just woken up and he seems to have a morning ritual. He sniffs the ground a little bit, then crawls some with his face planted on the ground. After that, he does kind of a “Superman” pose, with him putting all of his legs in the air while lying on his stomach. Lather, rinse, repeat. He does this for the entire video and it’s SO cute.

I’m not sure why Bikke is burying his face in the blanket. Perhaps he’s reverting to natural habits and thinking that there are nuts under the blanket? One person in the comments section that claimed that they were a trained vet thought he might have been in pain, with all the stretching and opening of his mouth. That doesn’t seem to be the case since this video was filmed in 2015 and there was a new Bikke video uploaded in early ‘17.

This is the nature of the Internet, particularly cute things – someone posts a cute video. 99% of the people ooh and ahh over the video. One percent, perhaps lacking anything better to do that day then post an inflammatory comment saying that this is NOT cute and that nobody should be liking it. That’s a shame, since this is a very cute video and people should not be posting uncorroborated statements… but such is the world we live in.

I thought Bikke was adorable. How about you? Did you watch any of his other videos? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and please “Like” us on Facebook.

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