Famous fisherman Bill Dance sings “Born Here Live Here Die Here” with Luke Bryan

Bill Dance and Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan took his guitar and sang in his original song called ‘Bill Dance.’ The music video starts with two kids sitting on a couch watching a fishing show of Bill Dance.

There’s a knock on the door, and it’s none other than Bill Dance himself. He asks them what they’re doing watching a video, and he insists on taking them out so he can teach them how to properly fish.

The water is pristine and clear as they all prepare themselves for a day of fishing. Luke Bryan joins Bill Dance, and he sings about his long-time hero.

Bill Dance and Luke Bryan

Bill Dance knows the lyrics to the song, and he sings along with him. They take their boats and drive out to a fishing spot on the water.

The kids learn a lot from Bill, and they all have tons of fun catching fish. They show off their catch and put the fish back in the water, and everyone has a great time.

Luke Bryan continues to sing about how he wishes he could be Bill Dance. More people arrive, and they immediately smile as soon as they see Bill.

There’s something about Bill that brings joy to everyone he meets. After a day full of fishing, everyone is happy and satisfied. Luke Bryan is good friends with Bill, and he couldn’t be more cheerful about it.

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