Bill Gates Purrs The Blues Away!

Before you go any further, I have to tell you that Bill Gates is a 25 year old cat. Gotcha! Didn’t I? Yeah, when I first saw the video, I was so surprised myself. But this quarter century cat is older than many people out there. I wonder of the sights he’s seen and the countless things he’s experienced. If only cats could talk!

Well this cat sure comes close to having a chat with humans! He communicates in his own cat way. When the person walks on the lawn towards him, the cat Meows at him. For those who don’t speak cat, the feline is probably telling the guy to get off his lawn. But like any of his, the minute he is given some affection, he starts to purr really loudly.

You can hear his raspy meow that takes the guy by surprise. The deep meows are almost mysterious and I have to admit, the meows are pretty strong and full of energy from a 25 year old cat. When you calculate that into cat years, this cat is positively ancient at 117 years and still going strong!

I loved hearing his loud purrs that were caught on video as he was petted. The guy even got a love bite – ouch! Talk about love! You know you’re not going to be having the blues with this purrfect cat around! May he be around for many more. Happy thoughts and prayers for just that and all good cats (and dogs, too!)

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