Billie the Elephant Finally Lets Herself Is Freed From Her Chains! After Two Long Months! Unbelievable!

Billie the Elephant withstood years of abuse as a circus elephant. Obviously she was extremely nervous towards humans.  She arrived at an Elephant sanctuary and with the help of the patience of the volunteers she began her road to recovery and towards trusting people again.

At the circus, Billie had to painstakingly take every single step with a heavy rusty chain attached to her foot for five long years. That time full of trauma had rendered her completely wary; Billie would not allow anyone to get close to her to free her from her chain.  Two trainers had to try their best for two months, several contact training techniques, love and patience to help her learn to trust them and finally they were able to free her from both her trauma and the grim reminder of her circus days.

Being one of the smartest and most emotional intelligent animals, its understable that Billie was unable to move on from her trauma easily. It is a heinous and unforgivable act to use Elephants in circus acts.  It is mind soothing to read and see stories like Billie’s; it puts a smile on my face that she is finally enjoying her life, free of chains and with a new family.

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