This Little Puppy Was Jailed In A Rusty Cage, Until A Man Did THIS & Changed His Life. BEAUTIFUL!

I’m sure you agree with me. Animal cruelty is heartbreaking and down-right evil. Many animals are out there. We can’t save them all, but we MUST try. A small change makes a huge difference.

Some people out there are selfish and don’t even want to help while the majority of us are risking our lives every day to save these creatures so they can be there for the future generation.

The Humane Society is one of those organizations. It is involved in lobbying for pro animal legislature, investigating cases of animal abuse and rescues followed after the investigations. The Humane Society has saved a lot of animals from horrible conditions.

The following clip shows how they rescued some puppies from a puppy mill. The little guys were living in a dreadful state. One of these puppies, later named Billy, was in a terrible condition. He had been jailed in a rusty cage and suffering from malnutrition. Billy was rescued along with the other pups.

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