Bindi Irwin Breaks Down While Paying Tribute To Late Father, Steve Irwin. I’m So Touched!

Every year hit talent show Dancing With the Stars challenges its contestants with a variety of theme nights. Last year Bindi Irwin, the late Steve Irwin’s daughter, was given the task of choosing and commemorating her “Most Memorable Year”.

As anyone who has lost a parent, especially at a young age, can attest, that year will certainly be memorable. So it’s no surprise Bindi chose 2006, the year her father passed away.

When she spoke of her choice, she illustrated how much healing the theme would give her the opportunity to do. “It’s been nine years,” she said. “And I’ve never really dwelled in that point when he did pass away. I think I’m ready to kind of tell that story.”

Bindi has had the constant support of her mother through her appearance on Dancing With the Stars. Terri Irwin has been in the audience every single week for Bindi’s performance. When asked about 2006, Terri had this to say of her daughter, who was only 8 when Steve Irwin passed, “Bindi was so strong at the time, but when you love someone that much it’s like totally losing a piece of your heart. You’re really not going to get over it.”

At one point during rehearsals Bindi broke down. One of the moves, she said, reminded her of something she used to do with her father. With emotions so close to the surface and displayed so beautifully through her dancing, Bindi took home a solid 10 score that night.

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