Bindi Irwin Breaks Into Tears During Touching Tribute To Her Late Father, Steve Irwin

Recently, Dancing With the Stars presented performances with the theme “Most Memorable Year”. Bindi Irwin, daughter of Steve Irwin, chose 2006, the year her father passed away. A memorable year indeed, for her and all of her father’s fans.

Bindi had the opportunity to speak a little about her choice. “It’s been nine years,” she said. “And I’ve never really dwelled in that point when he did pass away. I think I’m ready to kind of tell that story.”

Bindi’s mother Terri has shown an incredible amount of support for her daughter. She’s been in the audience every single week. When asked about the tragedy that occured when Bindi was only 8, Terri Irwin said “Bindi was so strong at the time, but when you love someone that much it’s like totally losing a piece of your heart. You’re really not going to get over it.”

It became clear that the pain of losing her father was still close to the surface when Bindi broke down during rehearsals. One of the moves, she said, reminded her of something she used to do with her father.

Channeling that emotion into her dance definitely paid off, though. Her performance was stunning, and her story touched the whole audience. Bindi earned the very first 10 of the season that night, and it’s easy to see why.

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