Bing Crosby Sang THIS Song About Christmas. 40 Years Later? I’m Still Speechless!

Bing Crosby will forever be remembered as one of the greatest performers who has ever come out of the United States of America. His song and dance routines were memorable, his acting skills were remarkable, and just the way he carried himself inspired everyone on what it really meant to be famous.

But, above all else, Crosby always tried to stay down-to-earth, in spite of the massive amounts of fame he had earned over the years. He had always done his best to stay humble, so when Christmas rolled around back in 1975, he knew he wanted to celebrate the real reason for the season.

Originally airing on CBS a few weeks before Christmas, Bing decided to come up with a special show simply titled Merry Christmas, Fred, From the Crosbys. The “Fred” in the title is none other than the legendary Fred Astaire. He helped raise Bing to stardom. The two remained friends for their lifetimes, performing together and entertaining millions.

Along with his daughter, Bing’s wonderful Christmas television specials really became a true tradition for families all around America. Over the years, Bing performed multiple times for all the major networks, and even after his death, many of the stations aired old memorable moments from years gone by. The moment in the video is just as special as all the others and is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.

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