This Bird Adopts A Tiny Chick From Another Bird. Wait Till You See What Happens 1 Month Later

When it comes to babies, we really just can’t get enough. Babies are more than just cute, they are absolutely incredible and we love seeing babies, of any age. Baby animals are by far our absolute favorite to watch and see.

All baby animals are sweet and cute but this video is one of the most adorable videos we have ever seen. In this video you get to see two eggs hatch and then you get to watch the progression and growth of the two chicks that were hatched. The owner of the bird, Gordita, who laid the eggs was funny enough to not only document what was happening but to also hilariously caption everything.

While Gordita the bird was the actual mother of both eggs there was another bird there, Mocha, that had been laying infertile eggs for years and so the owner actually placed one of Gordita’s eggs under her. So you can imagine the surprise and joy that Mocha had when one of her eggs actually hatched!

This video is so informative and interesting but at the same time hilarious to watch. The owner of these birds and creator of this video does an amazing job at keeping the audience captivated and interested in what is going on, all while we are laughing at what the captions read. What a great video to watch.

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