Man Helps His Robin Friend Dig for Worms in The Yard

Birds are such extraordinary creatures with such variances in size and personalities. There are so many breeds, and surprisingly many of them make excellent companions. In our video today, this wild bird, a robin, is very interested in what a man is doing in his garden.

This man, with his exotic European accent, thickly laughs as he realizes what his little robin friend seems to want. She wanted the worms. As the man was tilling his garden with a garden fork, the worms were wriggling on the surface of the turned over soil. No wonder the robin wants to stay.


This robin is almost beside herself with excitement. This is like a free buffet for her. The chortling man is quite happy stirring up the soil for his new friend and her insatiable appetite.

Enjoy this clip demonstrating the delightful personality of a wild bird with an ordinary human. I have a feeling that robin will be making sure she is hanging around in case he is back in the garden soon. Easy pickings, right?

Man Helps His Robin Friend Dig for Worms in The Yard