“OMG, This Beautiful Bird Certainly Knows What To Do During Bath Time, Even in a Sink!”

Meet Miss Iris, she is a beautiful blue Hyacinth Macaw who is now thirteen years of age. Miss Iris is obviously well taken care of by her owner, and she is also obviously a very smart bird as illustrated here.

Miss Iris obviously knows when its bath time. She usually takes her baths outside but because it was way too cold out her owner decided to bathe her in the kitchen sink. Not too floored by this change of venue apparently Miss Iris still knew it was bath time. When her owner took her over the sink Miss Iris knew exactly what had to be done. She literally went over to the handle to the faucet and turned it on with her beak.

Now that is just the beginning of what Miss Iris does during bath time as the video shows. She actually stood on the rim of the sink testing the water temperature to insure it was right for her bath. She would place her foot and her head into the water periodically to insure that it was the temperature she likes. Miss Iris then turn the water on stronger and started to plunge her body in to the water then remove it again quickly.

So, watch Miss Iris turn bath time into something entertaining to watch then let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below. https://youtu.be/BschEXMGS-Q This this make you smile? Then share that smile with your friends on Facebook right now! It will make them feel good and you, too!