After This Bird Crashed Into A Window, He Seems To Be Done For… Until His Friend Starts Helping!

You’ve probably seen several videos featuring animals getting rescued from the worst conditions. But have you ever seen an animal rescuing ANOTHER animal? You have to watch the video we brought to you today! The story goes a bit like this: not many people know it, but birds can have trouble with windows mid-flight, and this caused a robin to crash into a window while he was flying at top speed, which knocked him unconscious. His other bird friend seems quite shocked by this, but he doesn’t leave his side!

After a few moments of panic, the other bird quickly began trying to reanimate him or make him react, and he even starts jumping on the unconscious bird’s chest as if he was doing the normal resuscitation technique. It’s unclear if the other bird is breathing still, and it looks like his time is up, but when everything seems to be lost, the bird finally gets up and starts flapping his wings, confused but alive and well again. Nothing like a best friend to get you back up when you’re down!

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