This Bird Is Disgusted & Angry At His Old Cage. But I NEVER Thought I’d Hear THIS!

Nobody likes to be inside a cage. Bird owners often buy pretty cages for their birds, but what the avians really want is to live life without restrictions. Some owners never let the bird out of the cage and don’t interact with them, so they become bored and depressed. And our cockatoo friend in this video seems to agree that a cage is no place for a bird. This little guys is called Jojo and he HATES his cage! I mean he absolutely abhors it. Wait till you see how much!

The man featured in the clip is a part of a team that rescues parrots. According to him, Jojo was rescued and the cage in the video is the one that he came in. He says “all round cages suck for all birds.” So he completely wrecks the cage that the bird previously lived his life in. He’s doing it to prove a point and that is that birds shouldn’t be confined to a cage all the time. They need room to roam and stretch their wings.

When Jojo sees the confining cage getting demolished before his eyes, Jojo starts cussing up a storm. This may be language he learned from his previous owner who did not care for him properly. Seems like he really hated this cage, and probably for good reason.

Jojo, fortunately, was rescued and now has a better life ahead of him.

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