This Cockatoo Is Having One Of ‘Those’ Days And Isn’t Afraid To Show His Irritation

We all have ‘those’ days every now and again. Each of us knows how to handle them as they jump up on us. My daughter literally keeps a roll of bubble wrap in her room so that she can pop like a man-woman when she is in just one of ‘those’ moods. It can be the weirdest of things that soothe us in our time of need.

Meet Harley. Harley is a stunning cockatoo who, apparently, is having a bad day of it all. Harley is lucky enough, however, to have a dad that is coming to the rescue with what appears the best plan to get Harley out of his mood.

It is uncertain exactly what history this gorgeous bird has with plastic cups, however, obviously, there’s some bad blood, and so dad cleverly uses them to his advantage.

Harley hilariously but smoothly climbs down from his perch and struts right over to the amazing tower of plastic cups — and knocks every one of them down. Admit it; you saw the evil little gleam in his eye when he ripped out the cup that was stuck inside another. Let’s also admit that Harley does what we all want to do. Don’t miss his hilarity in the clip below.

This Cockatoo Is Having One Of \'Those\' Days And Isn\'t Afraid To Show His Irritation