Bird Kisses His Cat Friend. I Was SHOCKED When I Saw How The Cat Reacted In Return! OMG!

Cats and birds are known to not get along quite well together. They are usually called mortal enemies aren’t they? Whenever a cat sees a bird, it just can’t help pouncing on it. But not everyone is like that. Some cats and birds actually end up becoming friends! Take for example this adorable duo! You are going to melt when you see the interaction between this cat and his parakeet friend!

This cat could very well be one of the mildest felines out there. I was really worried when I saw that little parakeet go towards the cat, but looks like I was worried over nothing! Instead of attacking the bird, he responds in a totally unexpected way! Like they say, friends come in all shapes and sizes! Wait till you see this cute clip for yourself!

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