You’ll Be In Tears Over This Parrot When He Makes His Hilarious Bathroom Appearance

Parrots and cockatiels are widely known to be excellent mimics. It doesn’t take long for their owners to have them repeating the most amusing words and phrases. All it takes is some repetitive training and a little bit of encouragement and soon you have a talking parrot!

Sometimes the pet bird will pick up words that weren’t intended for. And it’s always the naughtiest words that they will shamelessly babble when visitors come calling. You might have some explaining to do.

BirdSome pet birds will learn the postman’s ring, the sound of the kettle boiling, the phone jingle, and any manner of other weird and unexpected sounds from its daily life. However, this dear little parrot has cornered a new twist on the art of imitation.

It imitates the craziest laugh I have ever heard. Somehow the parrot has heard the wicked laugh of an arch-villain, perhaps from a game, perhaps from children’s television programs.

However the little devil managed to pick up the laugh, it certainly sounds diabolical, especially when you see it issuing from something so small. And the paradox is, all the while he has this friendly, cheerful look on his little parrot face.

In his video, he slips into the room and starts making his maniacal cackle – the most wicked laugh of all time! After his grand entrance, his cackling becomes louder and longer as his owner encourages him in the background. I’m not sure I would like to be home alone with this one at night, especially on Halloween.

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You\'ll Be In Tears Over This Parrot When He Makes His Hilarious Bathroom Appearance