Bird Leaves Dad In Stitches When He Curses Him Off For THIS Reason! You’ll Laugh Out Loud!

Birds like parrots and cockatoos make incredible pets. They are smart, funny, and we can also teach them how to imitate sounds and words. Watching them copy their human counterparts is amusing and hilarious. There are many videos on the internet that feature birds speaking. This video below is one of them.

Eric the bird has taken over the internet with his badass attitude. Sometimes he can be seen bashing up the resident dog, while other times he prefers to frighten his neighbor’s cat. Eric is quite famous on the internet, and this clip will likely make him even more well known.

In this clip, we can see his owner trying to put a harness on him. But the frenzied bird has other plans. He throws the harness on the ground, but the couple wants to take him out for a walk, so dad persists in trying to put the harness on him. He ends up biting the poor man, and even curses at him, using some very colorful language that mom repeats clear as day! He continues to strut around on the table like he owns the place, and it appears he just might be right!

His owners say that only mom is allowed to put on his harness for him, not dad. But after he swears at dad and throws the harness on the ground, the two are laughing helplessly. Good luck getting that harness on him now!

Watch this hilarious bird below! Did this little guy make you laugh? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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