This Bird Owner Is Singing An Elvis Song To His Birds, What Happens Next is INCREDIBLE!

When it comes to animals, we are addicted. We just love them and we have found ways to incorporate them into all sorts of different areas of our lives. One area where you wouldn’t expect to see animals and yet we have still been able to involve them is music. That is what you call true dedication, to both your pets and to the music you love.

Music. The one area where we might be slightly more obsessed than animals. For thousands of years’ people have been infatuated with making music and listening to it. Some people have even managed to make it their careers, many of those people we’re sure you would recognize their names. One of the most popular and most famous musical artists of all times was Elvis Presley, the king.

For decades we have been listening to Elvis and trying to copy his work, without achieving his extraordinary level of success though. But I mean really how could you top Elvis Presley he is after all a legend? We love Elvis so much that some people have even begun to have their animals listen to his music.

That is where us getting animals involved in music comes into play. There are countless people who play music for their animals but how many of those animals actually start to boogey down with the tunes that they are listening too?

Well in this video you will meet two Cockatoos who not only enjoy music but they absolutely adore Elvis. When their owner puts his music on they start to dance and groove to the beat and we can’t really blame them. At one point in the video you can actually tell that the one bird has a favorite part, we promise you will know it when you see it.

That bird is definitely feeling the beat!

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