These Bird Parents Wanted To Record Their Parrot. They Never Imagined He Had THIS Talent!

You’ve probably seen many videos of different animals enjoying music. If anything, they love music as much as humans do, come maybe even more. A lot of videos show cats and dogs enjoying music and dancing even better than their humans, but surprisingly, some are able to sing and perform as well.

We all know cats and dogs enjoy music and that it can soothe them when they are stressed, but did you know our fine feathered friends can also be lovers of the art of singing? This parrot proves it and you are really going to enjoy watching his best dance moves in this video. He must be the world’s best dancing parrot. It’s so cool to watch.

The parrot in the video is a breed known as black-headed Caique, and watching him bob up and down to the beat of the music is just hysterical. I’ve never wanted a bird before but this parrot is making me think I just might need a pet bird.

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