This Bird Really Hates The Vet. Watch What Happens When He Has To Go! POOR LITTLE BUDDY!

Everybody hates going to the doctor. Children complain, especially about the dentist, even adults will make excuses not to go. Turns out that this isn’t a trait only found in humans, animals hate it too. When Max the Cockatoo is told he has to go to the vet, he doesn’t take it well! You can’t help but sympathize with his response.

Max might hate going to the vet even more than dogs do. He screams and shouts gibberish at his owner, in protest.

But all in all, pets need checkups just like us humans. We don’t like it. They don’t either. It’s just one of those things we have to do. Note: Max came back from the vet and got his shot. He’s in very good health! Way to go, Max!


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